What I’m Drinking This Month

We have quickly adopted a ceremonious ritual in my house, consisting of salted snacks and gin & tonics, come 4pm on a Friday afternoon. It’s like an automated bodily response at this point. With lockdown barely lifted and socially distancing still being somewhat observed, the sweet taste of alcohol seems to be one of the very few things differentiating between the working-week and the weekend at the moment. It’s a celebration; a toast to two days of freedom from the shackles of schedules, meetings and a laptop spitting out phrases like ‘let’s align on this’, ‘QQ’ {meaning ‘quick question’, for those ill-versed on office lingo}, and ‘let’s action that’.

In honour of my repeatedly awe-struck recycling man and in applause of the many units consumed over the last 15 weeks, here’s what I’m drinking this month.


My first ever encounter with gin was on the first night of fresher’s week at university, after we’d exhausted our supplies of vodka and tequila. One of my newly acquainted flat mates had a bottle of Gordon’s in his reserves and we ended up shotting it back, in a bid to get sufficiently trollied before heading out, all to avoid the outrageous London price tag that comes with nightclub alcohol. I’d been sworn off gin since. The taste that lingered the morning after was shockingly dire. I was reintroduced maybe two years ago, when I accepted a gin and tonic at a ~ very ~ sophisticated social event, where the vodka coke I regularly opted for felt a little too low-brow. Since then, I’ve loved it. Although, I shan’t be revisiting gin shots any time soon.

I recently tried Bombay Sapphire’s Bombay Bramble – a new release of  blackberry and raspberry infused gin. I’ve been drinking it, as suggested, with tonic, ice and lemon/lime. It’s sweet, Summery and very fruity. In all honesty, not what I would typically go for – I usually prefer florals and spice when it comes to flavoured gin, but this is really delicious. It makes for ~ very ~ easy (in other words, rapid) drinking, so be warned if you’re not wanting to get too bladdered.


The ‘Rhianna’ – a recipe from Free The Tipple – is the closest I’m getting to a Summer holiday this year. It’s basically a boujee piña colada, but a little lighter and much more refreshing. One sip and you can almost hear an echo of reggae; entwined with melodious notes of ocean waves lapping at the rocks. Your skin is gently baked from a thousand solar kisses and a Barbadian waiter is feigning optimism as you teeter on the edge of tipsiness and shake your hips to the only Bob Marley song you recognise. A bloody. Tropical. Dream.

Serves 1:

1 1/2 shots gold rum
1 1/2 shots coconut water
1/2 shot lime juice
1/2 shot pineapple juice
1 1/2 agave syrup
Suggested (but entirely unrealistic) garnish: edible orchid


Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Pinot Grigio Dolomiti Blush rosé is an absolute winner. It’s only £6 and tastes like one of those fancy rosés you manage to successfully order by-fluke at an expensive wine bar and then later show off to your friends that you ‘know and love this one’ on your next visit. Our supply never falls below 2 bottles and its stock is tended to as rigorously as milk and bread. It really makes for perfect Summer drinking. Plus it’s a screw cap so an ideal companion for a spontaneous day drinking session in the park #classy.

Products Mentioned:
Bombay Sapphire’s Bombay Bramble
Free The Tipple Cocktail book
Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Pinot Grigio Dolomiti Blush rosé


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