Hello! Welcome to my little corner on the internet. My name’s Lucy.

I’m 22 and am still growing into myself. I wear the same bra for 3 days in a row and cry during the final scenes of the Hannah Montana movie, but am partial to 70% dark chocolate and always pay council tax on time – it’s a delicate balance, this thing we call adulthood.

I was born and raised in Yorkshire but have set up camp in London, after moving here 3 years ago for uni. I’m probably what you would call a wannabe cool girl, taking on the big city – I’m proud owner to an impressive stack of Kiehl’s skincare, indulge in brunch every other weekend and have been known to upgrade to a £30(!) bottle of wine from time to time. I’m also loud when I’m drunk, tend to overshare with strangers in nightclub bathrooms and, more frequently than I’d like to admit, enjoy ready-made microwave mashed potato with Bisto gravy for dinner. And that’s the tea.

Here you’ll find a little bit of everything – lifestyle, beauty, think-pieces, the odd lookbook and a healthy dose of hun culture. I tend to avoid anything overly political and, instead, am saving this space for intimate conversation on the beauty of adult friendships, the workings of the perfect smokey eye and the revel of female pleasure.

Pull up a chair and join me as I take you through my inner wanderings of the treasures and turbulences of life as a 20-something year-old, writing on the internet for fun. 


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